Our model FMTRV5 – 8/03 of TRANSFER MACHINE, designed for IPS company. It provides the machining of aluminium workpieces as below:

- The machine processes one piece by one.
- Loading and loading are made by operator.


- CENTRAL BEDPLATE made of welded plate, normalized, sandblasted and varnished, able to house the rotary table in the middle and the working units at both sides. Machine levelling is made by vibration-damping foots mod. MAKO which guarantee maximum stability preventing from external vibrations, thus providing the utmost precision.

- ROTARY TABLE our model TR 500 (hydraulic system)
Working features:
Our model TR 500 of rotary table is based on a hydraulic working system, with axial locking system and frontal toothing ground gears (mod. HIRT), which provide accurate positioning and considerable repeatability. The table is structured in 8 working stations; the approximate working diameter is mm. 1100 and 1 working rotations are 1 per hour.
Turret: TI 8/360
Axle: Vertical
N° working stations: 8
Max position error: +/- 3’’


- UNIOP ELECTRONIC CONTROL & DIAGNOSTIC UNIT, controlling any electric functionings of the machine, with immediate warning system of any defect.

- CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION BOARD, controlling the workpieces clamping.

- FITTINGS-HOLDER PLATE, structured in 8 work stations, housing the workpiece clamping fittings.

- N° 8 CENTERING AND CLAMPING WORKPIECES FITTINGS. Each fitting is provided with nr. 3 supports, nr. 3 rotary clamp brackets and nr. 2 truing devices for the radiator hub.

- CHIPS & DRILLINGS CONVEYOR with rabbling blades controlled by the rotary table.

- N° 3 vertical DRILLING UNITS mod. FM3/100 equipped with flange joint for MPA fuseheads.

- N° 3 vertical TAPPING UNITS mod. FM3/100-P equipped with flange joint for MPA fuseheads, threading set and self-braking motor.

- N° 6 SUPPORTS with cross adjustment for units mod. FM3/100.

- N° 6 UNIT-CARRIER VERTICAL SADDLES, 100 mm. fixed stroke, pneumatic drive.

- N° 1 full SET of SIDE CASINGS of the machine with hinge opening, provided with safety standard micro.

- N° 1 COUPLE OF SAFETY SHELTERS in operator’s zone.

- N° 3 ILC FORCED FEED LUBRICATION SETS for the threading unit, provided with propagation gearcase, lubrication cycle timer and working system by machine side.

- N° 1 HYDRAULIC CENTRAL UNIT, providing the handling of the units in slow-rapid motion, of the rotary table and the workpieces clamping fittings:
- oil tank with approx. l. 150 capacity and motorized variable-displacement pump.
The working system by machine side is provided with air descents to each unit.
Components and parts are supplied by ATOS.

- COOLING SYSTEM including:
tank (capacity l. 150), feeding pump, overtank for automatic removal of the chip by ratiomotor control, pipes, taps and fittings by machine side (automatic chip remover).

- ELECTRIC SYSTEM with SIEMENS PLC, set in its control box; the working system by machine side is provided with air raceway and relative connections to each unit and button strip.